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Scooter Dealer Miami, the preferred destination for scooter buyers in the Miami area and nearby spots like Downtown Miami, Bayside, Venetian Islands and Dodge Island. Choose from our diverse selection of high-quality scooters, each crafted to deliver a thrilling riding experience. Simply pick your preferred scooter and you’re all set to hit the open road. To get started, give us a call at (786) 600 4246, or easily connect with us online. At Scooter Dealer Miami, we’re not just a scooter destination; we’re your trusted source for top-notch scooters that enhance your riding experience. Discover the freedom of the road with us!

Scooters for Sale in Miami

Top Rated Rentals

All Serviced in South Beach & Surrounding Areas

Downtown Miami, Bayside, Venetian Islands and Dodge Island, South Beach, Mid Beach

Frequently Ask Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24/7

18 years or older with any form of ID
Our rates are posted on the website and are regularly updated, including special occasions and holidays.
You are encouraged to use our website for reservations. However, walk-ins are welcome during our operational hours.
We provide a full tank of gas.
All scooter/motorcycle rentals include a cable/chain lock for security, and some models have additional storage.

Yes, big groups are welcome. Visit our website in advance to reserve bikes and get the best prices for your dates.

You can ride within Miami & Fort Lauderdale, following the restrictions outlined in the rental agreement.

Park in designated spaces, following standard vehicle laws. Avoid parking on roadways, sidewalks, or walkways. Miami Beach provides scooter/motorcycle parking spaces every 2-4 blocks, some free and some paid.

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